Nsaba Presbyterian Senior High School started as Teacher Training College in 1962, with the first Principal as Mr. Samuel Tetteh Akunnor (1962-1965 ) and the Vice Principal for the first batch Mr. Ennin. The first batch of students were thirty – five (35), and made up of boys only. The boys’ prefect for the first batch was called S.R. KwakyeThe first batch successfully passed their final.

Some of the teachers who handled the first batch were Mr. Aidoo (English ), E.L.A. Martinson (Mathematics ), S.N. Dzeagu (P.E ) and Mrs. Akunnor (English), the latter happened to be the wife of the first Principal. The teachers were specialist in their respective subject areas. The Senior Housemaster for the Training College firstbatch was Mr. Danso, who was succeeded by Mr. Moses Asumaning, an Art master who also became the first senor Housemaster for the Secondary School. The first batch of boys were in four houses, namely Henken, Isclikei, Dodow and Caesar. There was only one classroom for the first batch of boys. The programme for Teacher Training College was a four (4 ) year Post –Middle Cert ‘A’ and the students were made to study all subjects. This programme was phased out in 1972. The Assembly Hall for school gathering was at theCatechist Center where church services were also conducted.

On Sunday mornings, students attended their individual mother churches. However, at 4pm,compulsory church service was conducted for all the students. During the Teacher Training College period, the kitchen was manned by Maame Adjoa Hanna and Maame Yaa Tude. The first ten (10) batches of the Teacher Training College which ended in 1972, were

  • 1st Batch – 1962/1963 Teacher Training College
  • 2nd Batch -1963/64 Teacher Training College
  • 3rd Batch -1964/65 Teacher Training College
  • 4th Batch -1965/66 Teacher Training College
  • 5th Batch -1966/67 Teacher Training College
  • 6th Batch -1967/68 Teacher Training College
  • 7th Batch -1968/69 Teacher Training College
  • 8th Batch -1969/1970 Teacher Training College
  • 9th Batch -1970/1971 Teacher Training College
  • 10 Batch -1971/1972 Teacher Training College

The second batch of students comprised (109) students, and made up of boys and girls for the academic year 1963/64, Out of the total number, 105 students passed their final examination. The second Principal for the Teacher Training College who headed the 4th batch to the end of the Training College period was Mr. Michael A. Agadzi (1965 – 1972).

The girls in the second batch were housed at the Lay Training Center, under the Prefectship of Rebecca Fynn. During the Teacher Training College period, the old building behind the main three (3) story classroom block was used as classrooms. Later, two (2) more classrooms were added from the Catechist center. The achievement of the students during the Training College period was outstanding in soccer and athletics. Not surprisingly, the greatest challenge of the College was accommodation for teachers.

From Teachers Training College To Secondary School. In 1972, the teachers training college was changed and given a secondary school status. Products of the training college were re-absorbed as teachers in the secondary school. Some of such pioneers were Yaw Okyere (Mathematics), Enyanful Evans S.E (Geography) and the late Paul Okyere (Mathematics). The first day of secondary life started on the 29TH of October,1972, after ten (10) years of teacher training college existence Under the Headship of Mr. E.K Caesar (1972-1976), the first batch of students of the secondary school were seventy (70) in number, consisting of fifty (50) boys and twenty (20) girls. They were put in two classes namely class A (35 students) and class B (35 students). The programme available for study were General Art,Business, In 1973/74, the first Gala Championship organized between Nsaba Presbyterian Secondary School, Swedru Secondary School, Breman Asikma Secondary School and Winneba Secondary School saw Nsaba Presec emerging as the champions. By virtue of the location of the school, the school became hedged in at the centre on the community with lots of straying animals disturbing its peace and harmony.

Mr. P.O. Asare who served as Headmaster between (1976-1982), was credited with the main three (3) storey classroom building or block, as well as the Block “A” flat for the teachers. The tenure of office of Mr. J.A Agyire (1982-1986), the third Headmaster of the Secondary School also saw the construction of Flat “B” and “C” for teachers, as well as the present Headmaster’s bungalow. However, his tenure of office also witnessed serious clashes between the school and the church. It was during the time of headmaster J. A Agyire that a foreign student by name of Italy from Zimbabwe was adjudged the best science student in 1983 Year Group. Again, the 83” Year Group was privilege to have two (2) of their members awarded scholarship for further studies in Russia.

They were Jonathan Swatson and Addo Tiaku. Between 1987-1995, when J.K.O Acquah was Headmaster of the School, the girls dormitory of House 1 and 4 were housed at the Education Office in Nsaba . To help provide accommodation for his teachers, the headmaster bought the Bachelor Flat from Dr. Appiah. In 1989, the wooden structure housing the girls at the catechist center collapsed during a film show. Thirteen (13) girls sustained serious injuries but were treated and discharged at the Korle-bu and Oda hospital. The Valco Trust Fund donated a wooden truck for the school,during Mr. J.K.O. Acquah’s time.

In 1990, a National Essay Competition for which the school took part produced the best student from the school in the person of Timothy Aidoo. His prize was a trip to Holland. On the 24TH of February 1992, the girls House 2 and 3 were moved to the school campus. In 1997/98, Nana Eyiah, a student of the school was awarded scholarship to study Poultry in the Netherlands when G.S Asare was the headmaster. The P.T.A donated a Benz bus to the school through G.S Asare, who also constructed the school library.

In sports, two (2) students became the best athletes in the persons of John Adaigo and S. Asiedu. Another outstanding goalkeeper of thesecondary school period possible:
The headmaster S. Kwamina Ansah procured the school’s mini-bus and constructed the present Administration Block and provided the headmaster office with modern furniture. In 2001 and 2002 ,Mr. Felix Anim, an Art Master constructed the statue at round about in front of the Administration Block, as well as other sculptors in the school. The most challenging difficulty that faced the secondary school was indiscipline among the students in the form of breaking of bounds by virtue of the location of the school. Acknowledgment is hereby given to the following for providing information that made the school history Mr. Ben Arthur (a pioneer student), Mr. Sam Evans Enyamful (an old boy), Mr. A. K. Appiah (a retired Administrator of the school), Mrs. Aidoo (a retired Senior House mistress) and Mr. Albert Eyiah (an old student and presently a teacher at the school)